Ozone Quantum Mainnet

The Quantum Mainnet blockchain network has been created by following these steps:

  • The QRNs are exposed via a secure API endpoint.
  • The QRNs are written to the linux random devices /dev/random and /dev/urandom, which updates the entropy pool.
  • The new source of entropy is stirred into the mix of bits in the pool, using the modified TGFSR (Twisted Generalized Feedback Shift Register).
  • A fundamental property of entropy is that it mixes well. If two unrelated random streams are combined, the new stream cannot have less entropy. Thus the entropy of the kernel pool becomes quantum-grade.
  • The new entropy pool provides random numbers to blockchain operations like hashing, encryption, signing etc.
  • The blockchain is made quantum-secure by the use of QRNs.

Connect to Ozone Blockchain Mainnet with MetaMask Wallet

Ozone Chain Explorer : https://ozonescan.io/

Step 1

Open MetaMask

Step 2

Click Networks > Add Network

Step 3

Fill the following details:

Network name : Ozone Chain Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://node1.ozonechain.io

Chain ID : 4000

Currency Symbol (Optional) : OZO

Step 4

Click Save

Wallet Address of Validator Nodes

S.No Validator Node Wallet Address

Check the Tx fees deposited to this node

1 Node 1 0x2a44e4686e6a256fbbf93de392666954508d1738 Node 1 Account
2 Node 2 0x5f015cc5f4a43ca14b0f52bbbd814f839d73f70f Node 2 Account
3 Node 3 0xf5c3ac292d647d8ba4fc072cb1933d7edfa60617 Node 3 Account
4 Node 4 0xdf4c5f7fd1396b69899d5c10f789a823e992f7e5 Node 4 Account